Ann Lederer

Multimedia, wearable, and wall silk art; photography.

I am reveling in the world of color, silk painting, fabric techniques, and photography; playing with new ways to combine my different interests and loves and to explore the natural beauty and energy of the moment.

My hand-dyed silk includes wearable art, wall hangings, and Judaica (prayer shawls (tallitot), wedding canopies (chuppahs) and bread (challah) covers). Each piece is individually designed, painted, and steamed. Free motion sewing, quilting the top of the steamed silk is a new dimension as my work evolves.

My luscious garden and The Butterfly Pavilion are the sources of the photographs for my cards which, likewise keep evolving now into collaged and individually sewn works of art.

Carey Berry

Hand-crafted functional ceramics. I am a potter. I love making vessels that get held every day, and I really love to put burros on my pots, in my pots, and around my pots. I work in porcelain and stoneware with printed, hand drawn and painted, or pressed line designs fired to cone 6 in oxidation. I like to imagine burros in modern society, and I like to giggle when I put them on pots. I love to add a cactus or gnome, barbed wire, neon signs, and historical markers to the pots. I make my own silk screens using photos, and I see these as building blocks for patterns, wordplay, and composition. Some of my burro silk screens have been with me for years, yet they still seem fresh when I apply them in new ways or with different elements. I love playing with semi-matte or gloss glazes and hand-painting parts of the printed images to add dimension and interest. I also hand print bits and bobs of plants that I collect onto porcelain with a cobalt or bronze slip to create relics that remind me of meadows and mountains.


Hand Crafted Jewelry

Danielle Machiorletti

Danielle Machiorletti experiments with predominately watercolor and acrylic paints to create abstractions of nature.

Susan Tzankow

Stained Glass

Julia Davenport

I love to paint the world the way I see it – full of bright color pops and gorgeous nature. I enjoy using both acrylic and watercolor to express myself in different ways.

Carissa Geraud

Multimedia: ceramics noses, moon moss wreaths, prints, and much more! Very whimsical, otherworldly pieces that I hope spark happiness in everyone!

Muldannuzzi Creations

Dream Canyon Designs

We love variety! Chris makes whimsical stuffed animals out of recycled sweaters, amusing signs, and simple pewter pendants. Dea turns her originality into quirky and beautiful stained glass creations.

Beth Oden

Introducing my handmade pottery mugs, crafted with passion and attention to detail. These mugs are made from high-quality clay and have a smooth and comforting texture that enhances your drinking experience. Its shape allows you to savor your favorite beverages, whether it’s a steaming cup of coffee in the morning or a soothing cup of tea in the evening.

The mug’s ergonomic design ensures a comfortable grip, with a sturdy handle that fits perfectly in your hand. Its wide base provides stability, preventing any accidental spills. The thick walls of the mug helps to retain the temperature of your drink, keeping it warm for longer periods.

The glaze used is food-safe and non-toxic, ensuring the mug’s functionality and safety.

Whether treating yourself or looking for a thoughtful gift, these handmade pottery mugs are perfect. It combines artistry, functionality, and craftsmanship to create a truly remarkable drinking experience. 


Mixed Media Artist With An Eye For The Unusual

Art is a reflection of one’s personal experience, culture, and vision. Artistic expression is a direct reflection of person’s values, identity, experiences and aesthetics- it’s personal. My work tells stories of personal inspiration and exploration through the use of silver, metal, glass, resin, wood and other mixed-media materials. It can reflect both historical and contemporary context through research and experimentation. Process and research is my muse in creating work.  I find inspiration: reflect, research and create an idea, then explore the possibilities of how to create it.  Moving backwards in my process I work through my idea in a series- exploring the many paths that I come to.

Elizabeth Potts

Mixed Media Artist With An Eye For The Unusual

I create abstract paintings, photograms and a variety of ceramic items: vases, lighted hand crafted houses and wall hangings, and assemblages from found objects.

Anne Emmons

Paintings in watercolor, egg tempera oil, greeting cards, and glass creations.

My backyard has been my creative sanctuary and space for art-making celebrations for a generation. A clan of artists and neighbors now make it an annual campsite for walking, talking and sharing our works. Come discover the site of many hours of inspiration and find some to take home.

Gwen Pollara

I am a sculptural ceramicist. My work is a lyrical expression of my inner and outer landscapes. It is both figurative and narrative.

Danielle Whittington

Functional ceramics, mostly medium-sized kitchenware with some small pieces and a couple of larger pieces.

Erin Johnson

Handcrafted Gemstone Jewelry

I am a self-taught jewelry designer who likes to create hand-made jewelry out of Sterling Silver and Gold-Filled metal. I also specialize in rare and unique gemstones and love the pairing of an amazing stone with a unique metal piece that I have formed and polished to perfection.  Each and every one of my pieces is a labor of love.  I like to use high quality hardware and gemstones to create a beautiful piece of jewelry that is meant to bring beauty, confidence, and joy to your daily life.

Brooks Luby

Handmade, easy-to-wear dresses and jackets for the innovative, independent, knowledgeable humans. Vintage fabrics combined with modern textiles that create an artful wearable piece of clothing.

Tamra Urich

I am an abstract painter inspired by natural elements. I work mostly in oil and acrylic but also printmaking, watercolor, & ceramics.

Ginny Trumpolt

I am a fused glass artist. I create art with fusible glass, which is designed, cut, arranged, and then fired in a kiln. Some pieces are fired a second time to further shape the glass. I love the variety and beautiful designs and colors that are available to play with.